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DETROIT - The dangerous quest to join what's known as the "Mile High Club" has landed two more people in hot water.A man and a woman were busted Sunday on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit.Officials said the two were total strangers before boarding the plane.A woman was arrested on the airplane for performing oral sex on a man while they were in their seats.The 48-year-old woman was heading to Nashville, while the 28-year-old man was heading to Miami."The act itself is inappropriate in a public space," one traveler said. These things should be respected." Both people were issued citations, and the investigation was handed over to the FBI.

6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, is enjoying success on the Billboard Hot 100 chart thanks to his song "Gummo" reaching No.13, but the Brooklyn rapper is still facing one to three years in prison after pleading guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance.The charge stems from a video in which the Brooklyn rapper, who also goes by Teka$hi 6ix9ine, is shown touching the minor's breast.While Teka$hi has previously described what happened in his own words, a new report from Jezebel reveals that the details of the complaint contradict the rapper's public comments.During a November interview with DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine claims the events in his charges happened "three to four years ago." But according to the actual complaint, the incident occurred on Feb. The rapper says he was invited to an apartment in Harlem, which is true, and met some "grown" men who asked him to invite a woman over.When Teka$hi refused, the men called a girl "from last night" to come over.The rapper says things then got crazy and camera was brought out to record what happened.6ix9ine also says he "personally" uploaded a video to social media of the incident.The criminal complaint states that three videos from the night were uploaded to social media, and detective Maureen Sheehan says she was informed the victim was 13 years old.But while speaking with Akademiks, Teka$hi said, "I don't know her exact age, I think she was 14 or some shit like that."During the Akademiks interview, 6ix9ine also claimed the victim told him she was 19 years of age."When she came in she asked me how old I was, and I told her I was 18, and I assumed she was older," he said.


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