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Who is vickie guerrero dating now

Is she hoping we see a new love interest and forget all about HE WHO FAKES MEDICAL RECORDS?

That’s what Vicki Gunvalson seems to be projecting with her latest post to Instagram showcasing new man Jack Losey.

Or perhaps her love tank was just sputtering on “E” for one month too long.

Whatever the case, Vicki seems to have moved on A rep tells People that Vicki has known Losey for a few years and “when she was recently in Scottsdale she saw him and he mentioned the next time she was in town he wanted to take her out.” Losey, a construction superintendent in Arizona, is further described by the source as “an absolute gentleman.” Vicki has been working the PR machine over time lately trying to repair her shattered image.

Public outcry over Vicki’s involvement in Brooks Ayers‘ cancer schemes on RHOC have even demanded Vicki not return to future seasons of the show as a full time housewife (although that seems unlikely to ever happen! Despite her claims that she was “duped” by Brooks, Vicki has a lot of legwork ahead of her in winning back public trust.

As for daughter Briana Culberson, who was never fan of her mother’s former boyfriend, she now claims to – – give the new guy “gives two thumbs up.” Since Briana will be living back in Orange County with her family this next season, that’s probably a good thing…for Vicki.


Getting over the demise of someone we dearly love is never an easy thing.

Today by saying this, we would like to address the life of the former widow of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, Vickie Guerrero who is now married to someone else in her life.

Let’s dig deep into her personal life…Eddie was one of the most decorated WWF/WWE superstars of all time.

He achieved everything in his career as a professional wrestler and who could forget the night he won the World Title back in No Way Out 2004.

But they say even gods need great people with him in heaven and on November 13, 2005, Eddie sadly passed away leaving behind his wife Vickie who he got married to back in 1990 and his three daughters.

It was a sad thing that took place in his hotel room in Minnesota, and the fans and aspiring wrestlers were just left with his legacy and memories to look upon.


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