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The phrase "RSVP, regrets only", or simply "Regrets only", is a popular modern variation that implies "if you do not reply, that will be taken as an acceptance." More specifically, if most invitations can be assumed to be accepted, a "regrets only" RSVP will reduce the communication required by both the host and their guests.

The phrase "Regrets only" refers to the assumption that a declination will be worded with some variation of "We regret we cannot attend...".

Prior to sending the RSVP invitation, the host may mail out a "save the date" card to advise the date and location of the celebration.

This may be used when the event will be held a considerable time in the future and/or in a distant location to allow for travel plans, for such events as a wedding, christening, or any other important event.

In recent years, the use of RSVP in the English language has spread outside of the discourse of highly formal correspondence and commonly figures in group emails.

In this context, the acronym seems to have loosened its tie to its original meaning and is often understood simply as an abbreviation for "reply".

A Korean netizen speculated that V(Kim Tae Hyung) and his one fan girl are dating secretly.

– Taehyung keeps posting similar pics of what HI uploaded into her fanlatter.

ㄴ Thats why foreign fans started to notice and the rumor of them dating spread around.

– V continuously posted pics of wearing similar ring which was a gift from HI. HI wrote letter in “To Bangtan” board of BTS official fancafe and ask him to take a picture in front of the mirror. ↓ ↓ I just read this on Instiz and thought I would post it here, because it is rare that friendships between idols and fans cause misunderstandings and dating rumors.

Because he has received Iphone, Taehyung is scolded by an agency staff. The main thing his fans want to know is whether they or not.

Remember how fun it was to make your V-Day mail envelope as a kid?


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