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Un neologisme és una paraula de nova incorporació a un idioma.

Pot haver estat creada per una sola persona o amb l'evolució de la llengua al llarg dels segles, i la seva utilització dependrà de l'acceptació del nou mot entre la comunitat de parlants.

The first photo displays Walthers kaolin tank car that had been on paper or decal film for application toseveral hood doors painted in CSX’s dropped, destroying the upper walkway your damaged rolling blue YN3 livery, a color scheme stanchions and damaging the frame.newer than the one on the rest of the After deciding that rebuilding it would Whether it’s the result of a mishap onlocomotive. Custom Layouts, Modulars, Model Stations, Special Orders Welcome.

Model Railroader.tering or graphics by gently sanding I wrapped one thread across each endthem with 1,000-grit sandpaper. One of Canada’s largest lionel retailers Mon, Wed, Fri 10-9, Tue & Thu 10-7, Sat 10-5 Digitrax Dealer • Walthers • Coach Yard MTH, K-Line & more.

This frame, inserting the thread ends into the DECEMBER 2015 • Model Railroader 51will keep the graphic from showing stake pockets of the flatcar and securingthrough the paint as a raised image. To ensure the car was secure, I ran a sec- Next apply the new color using thin ond set of cables across the top of thecoats (while taking care not to leave tank.

To finish off the flatcar load,brush marks if using a paintbrush, as in I added the dislodged air reservoir andfig. Once the first coat has been damaged coupler, secured to the deckapplied, a second or even third coat can with additional added until full coverage has beenachieved (fig. However, care must Cars due for routing back to theirbe taken not to apply the paint so thick home road for repairs are often markedthat it obscures details such as door with bright signs like the one shown inlatches and air conditioner grills (seefigs. Major damage Finally, what can we do with a carthat is too far gone for simple repairs,such as one that has taken the proverbialdive to the floor?

Just like our models,the prototype has accidents in which acar must be taken for major rebuilding ifnot scrapped altogether. 717-794-2860 1-800-465-0448 217 Central Way 425-828-4098 CREDIT VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY, LTD 2900 Argentia Rd.


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