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Symantec antivirus not updating jewishdatingsites info

I have one user on the network I am running whose Virus Definition File date will not update.

I am seeing a similar issue with a group of Win XP clients connecting to System Center, I have some remote clients that are on a wide range of virus defs from a few days behind to almost a full year behind yet they are connecting into the SAV server daily.

I have one of the clients exhibiting being "stuck" on virus defs from October that I can physically sit in front of and snoop around on, this machine in the event log states "Virus Definitions are Current" yet when I pop open the SAV screen it is still showing "10/08/08" as the current virus definition on the machine. TMP files from the 7.5 folder, restart SAV service.2. DAT file from the SAV server into the 7.5 folder and restart SAV to "pull in" the GRC. The fact that the event log states the "virus definitions are current" is really confusing/troubling to me, any other suggestions/advice?

I have tried the following 2 things so far with no results:1.

I talked to Symantec & they say Microsoft has blocked this app for a month or two. This has happened in the past but luckily during a time that I didnt update to a new version & run into this problem.

I made a big decision to purchase a new Dell XPS 13 rather than a new MAC, guess which platform I'll be using in the future!


  1. Third-Party Software Symantec Antivirus definitions have not been updated in more than 30 days

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