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Single parent dating difficulties

Fans of the Duggar family defend what Jana's father said about her during the Duggars' trip to Australia.

The Duggar family recently headed down under for a speaking engagement, and Jana was the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children to participate in the event.

Unfortunately for Jana, her father decided to single her out by cracking a joke about how she’s still single at age 28.

Now, some fans of the Duggar family are defending Jim Bob for using his daughter’s lack of a love life to get a laugh.

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“Jana is 28-years-old and still single, so she’s still praying about the one.” The crowd gathered at the church laughed when Jim Bob said that Jana is still single.

He and Michelle also mentioned Jana’s twin brother, John David Duggar, but they said nothing about his relationship status.

Instead, Michelle bragged about how her second-oldest son is a pilot.

John David did not attend the event with his family, and Michelle said that his absence meant that he and Jana had to celebrate their birthdays apart for the very first time. Most Redditors who weighed in on what the Duggar family patriarch said were totally fine with it.

“I wasn’t there but I assumed it was just a dad joke. It’s more notable for a woman to be single and childless after a certain age.


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