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Restore a ipod touch without updating

Here is a look at how you can restore your i Phone without updating:1.

Connect device to PC after Resetting and wait for it to unlock.

Now gradually the apps will reappear after which you can disconnect the i Phone.

Back up in i Tunes after connecting it to your PC computer.2.

In General section, press Reset option to continue.

Then choose the "Erase all Contents and Settings".5.

This means deleting all your data and settings from it.

The Coolmuster i OS Rescuer is a past master in the art of recovery.

This software is able to directly recover data from the devices itself without i Tunes backup.

You may also to know how to stop i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch update notification.

ithink restore or update and it will let you select the ipsw from your computer if u remember wher it is if ur confused just edit ur question just say Gohta im confused and il try to help you..corse DFU mode mite work...a ipod is in DFU mode its asif its not re formated ok try this...1) turn off ipod 2)press home and power buton for 10 sec (at the same time)3)release power buton but keep home down for 10 sec your computer shoud not recognise your ipod now and itunes will be able to update sucsessfuly ok thats weird 1 sec what gen is ur ipod?


  1. Ok so i want to restore my iPod Touch but i dont want to upgrade it at the same time, when i press restore the only option that comes up is "restore AND.

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