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Recovering bookmarks when updating firefox

You would think that Microsoft with its immense resources could figure out how to transfer a set of IE bookmarks from one version of Windows/IE to another as part of the upgrade process.

Chrome automatically backs up your bookmarks every once in a while, and your missing bookmarks may be waiting for you in that backup. In any case, you can simply copy the path and paste it into Explorer.

Just make sure to replace “USERNAME” by your own user name.

In this folder, you’ll find two important files: Bookmarks and

Bookmarks includes your current bookmarks, and is the backup you’re aiming at.

You can check the date next to to make sure the backup was done before you deleted the bookmarks. After you’ve done that, erase the “.bak” from Bookmarks.bak, so it simply becomes Bookmarks. When you change the names, Windows will warn you than you might ruin the file forever and ask if you’re Now restart Chrome, and your good old bookmarks will be back where they should be!


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