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Quizilla on full metal alchemist dating ed elric

Shaiya Fighter Guide by Wheres Lupers and Althamus Contents: Introduction Newbie section Experienced player section Stats – Since the skill section is so large, it has been covered in more depth in an alternate topic.Weapons types available to fighters Reference: Weapons Armour Capes/Mounts Grind locations Newbie Section Introduction This section of the guide was written for players who are new to Shaiya, new to fighters or even new to MMORPGs in general.

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The -only- way to change mode is to start a completely new character from scratch.Also, when you unlock modes, those modes will only be available on that server.Changing server will require you to unlock the modes again from scratch.Easy Mode: Only use Easy Mode if you’re completely new to MMORPGs or RPGs in general, or have a specific aim in mind (to try something out for example).Most players pick things up fast enough to start straight onto Normal Mode.Normal Mode: Here is where the average new player should begin.A Normal Mode player gets 5 stat points per level and 3 skill points per level. People generally play NM in order to unlock HM at level 40, but that is not always the case.Some people have exceptionally strong NM characters in the high lvl50s .As a NM fighter, you want to kill safely and easily.A death in NM means a loss of exp, depending on how good your “bless” is. At half bless, you will lose 0%, and it alters slightly depending on levels of bless between those two points.Hard Mode: A Hard Mode player receives 7 stat points per level, which offers more room for variation and to develop your own style.


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  2. Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric and Others. welcome to this awesome community we all will have fun and all be Edward fans together

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