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Questions for newly dating couples Sexpic chat site

Testing newlyweds on how well they know each other is fun and all, but the REAL test is the test of TIME!This classic Newlywed Game takes a twist in focusing on those who have been married for some time and are now NOT so newlywed!Print and laminate enough of these answer cards for each player to have one. You will also want to grab some dry erase markers so the players can write their answers on these during the game! Invite the wives away from the playing area to a place where they cannot hear their husband’s answers.Ask the husbands a question and have them write it down on their laminated answer sheets.Then, bring the wives back & ask them the same question. You can use this amazing scorecard to keep track of each couple’s score!I definitely recommend laminating this scorecard to be able to play again and again!

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After you have written all your answers to the 10 questions – go question by question & compare answers! We just took out the questions about raising kids & such that don’t apply . I DEFINITELY learned some new things about my spouse that I didn’t know!

Is it necessary to feel “chemistry” between us for this to be the right person to marry?

Chemistry, or feeling like you “click” with another person, is a natural part of a deepening relationship, and a wonderful part of falling in love, but unfortunately, chemistry is sometimes confused with infatuation, which can be fleeting.

In the good sense, chemistry means you feel a strong physical and emotional attraction to the other person and want to become closer to him or her.

You feel happy in his or her presence and enjoy your time together.


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