Photography cdv dating uk

I bought the CVD that represents Ben Fountain as a boy (my fictional grandfather) from e Bay.It attracted my attention for two reasons ; the determined sullen look on the boy’s face and the fact he is holding a rather large shotgun !Solemn facial expressions were prevalent at the time taking on the traditions originating in painting so perhaps ‘Ben’ was not as gloomy as he appears.

A characteristic of some late-Victorian mounts is the active promotion of the photographers’ skills, the mention of ‘Artist photographer’ or similar terms’ (Shrimpton, J.

There are many web sites which contain information, guides and examples which are of great assistance in identifying and dating old photographs.

One such is contains a vast amount of information on cdv cards, fashion, design of card backs, and provides a very large number of examples.

These are mainly English, but it is likely that the information is valid for Scotland also.

Another is which draws on a vast collection of some 200,000 images to provide a dating service, or to provide images or other information.


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