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Background: This blog post is the epilogue of the Chronicles of KIM.

KIM is a fun loving character who I went on a few dates with.

If you are interested in the juicy details of our story, check out the Chronicles of KIM.

Why didn’t I go with the flow a little while longer with KIM?

Several of you fans have posed this question to me in criticism of my actions to end things with KIM since he didn’t want to be exclusive.

These hopeless romantics believe that he may have needed more time to get to know me in order to be ready to commit.

The thought process is that variability shows that some people only need one date before they are ready and others need several months together.

I made it pretty clear that I wasn’t putting out anytime soon and I could see that was exactly when he started to lose interest.Sometimes it can be difficult to weed out those cats who are looking for a fun hook-up from the gentlemen who respect you and genuinely want to get to know you.Often times, once they accomplish the universal goal, they move on to the next one.To men, sex is like beating Bowser, the King of all Koopas, in Super Mario Bros.After King Koopas dead, the game is over and they start to lose interest.Now if they actually like you and are genuinely interested in getting to know you, thats a different story.My strategy is to hold off on getting too physical too quickly because if you have sex too early on then your entire relationship revolves around it.I am more interested in getting to know the person I am dating so that we can build a strong foundation.Anyone that continues to invest time and energy in the relationship, even while he’s not getting any action, is a keeper.That being said, anytime sex is on the table, most men will be up and ready to go regardless of if they are “interested” in you or not.At the end of the day, I had to follow my heart and my heart was telling me that it just wasn’t meant to be.


  1. Mar 9, 2016. An OkCupid study shows that women who take the initiative get higher response rates and more desirable matches, a finding supported by other apps.

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