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North carolina christian dating

The NCCSA is a service organization that exists to provide member schools in North Carolina the opportunity to choose from the programs, services, or products that they feel will help improve the quality of their school, students, and staff.

If you are a non-member school and are interested in learning more about the NCCSA, please visit the “Join” section.

If we can assist you further, please connect with us.

The NCCSA state office is continuously exploring new and innovative opportunities for NCCSA schools, and they also negotiate and make available the most up-to-date and cutting-edge educational programs that a single school cannot assemble alone.

In addition, opportunities for staff development, training, and continuing education are offered by the NCCSA.

Travis Moots | Administrator | Hilltop Christian School Having an organized athletic program for our school is very important.The NCCSA provides programs in athletics and fine arts that help each school in educating the whole child.We are grateful for its emphasis on Christian extracurricular activities as it provides the means for schools to fulfill its mission to families.Dwight Ausley | Administrator | Raleigh Christian Academy The NCCSA Fine Arts Competition has been such a wonderful opportunity for the students at Union Grove Christian School to not only grow their talents but also to learn the art of competing.Many of our alumni use these lessons learned in higher education and in the workforce.Kacee Cromer | Fine Arts Coordinator | Union Grove Christian School Those that take the opportunity to participate in fine arts along with academics and athletics are among our most successful students.The NCCSA gives our students the opportunity to share their talents with other Christian schools on a broader platform.This helps them hone their skills by learning from other students and teachers across North Carolina.Mark Weatherford | Administrator | Vandalia Christian School NCCSA accreditation has made our school better, and it has granted us the ability to gain accreditation reciprocity through other regional and national organizations.The state office offers frequent and willing assistance to every school as they seek accreditation.The process, though thorough, is one that will help each school to be the very best it can be.


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