Liquidating cars

Of all the reasons we’ve seen, bogus or otherwise, to sell a car, this has to be the most honest.This Craigslist ad offers the mother lode of awesome Mopars along with several off-brand stuff that is refreshing to see, all for the bargain price of 1 million dollars.Time is money, so if you don’t have 30 years to collect these cars yourself, this is actually a pretty good deal. In financial terminology, assets are items that have value.They are the opposite of debts, which signify money that is owed.When debts start to outweigh assets or become more than a business or individual can afford to repay, it may be necessary to liquidate assets in order to remain financially stable.Liquidation of assets refers to selling off property in order to raise cash.

Because cash is already a liquid asset, there is no need to liquidate it to pay creditors.However, all non-cash assets can be converted into cash for the purpose of paying debt or making purchases.Liquidation can occur regardless of the nature of the asset or the identity of the buyer.Asset liquidation is a way for businesses and individuals to get money for essential purchases.For example, a retired individual may choose to liquidate a stock investment to raise cash for paying household bills.Asset liquidation is also an important part of the bankruptcy process.Chapter 7, also known as liquidation bankruptcy and available to both private individuals and businesses, allows a court to appoint a trustee who sells off, or liquidates, the bankrupt party's assets and pays the proceeds to creditors.Following liquidation, the court can discharge any remaining debt.In a bankruptcy cases, certain types of property are exempt from liquidation.The specific types of property, as well as their maximum value, are defined by state and federal bankruptcy laws.In general, the exempt property for an individual who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy includes home equity, retirement savings accounts and a personal automobile.


  1. Liquidations. About Us. Contact Us. Sell Your Equipment! Giben Stryker-5 CNC Point-To-Point Feed Through Router/Borer 2016 Available by Private Negotiation Only.

  2. Motors Liquidation Company formerly General Motors Corporation. GM, however, requested Spyker Cars to acquire Saab from MLC a few weeks later.

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