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How to receive payment for x rated web cam live video

Livestream's Mevo Live Event Camera combines a camera, a live streaming platform, and a video switcher to form an all-in-one story-telling device.

Despite its palm-sized form-factor, the Live Event Camera fits a UHD 4K sensor behind a 150° wide-angle lens.

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While operating, the app will either display the full sensor image, where you can edit using the multi-touch gestures, or all the virtual angles based on facial recognition or manual angle placement.

When operating using the full-sensor mode, tapping on the screen will cut to a new angle, pinching the active image area will zoom it in and out, and dragging the active image area will introduce a pan movement.

Alternatively, you can choose to view all of the angles on a preview screen and choose them like you would on a video switcher.

The facial recognition is powerful enough to trigger an automated editing process which will take over if the app is left alone for an extended period.

Edit decisions will be made by the facial recognition based on which subject is speaking.


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