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Hey, I'll post pics ASAP but I just had an interesting first I was wondering about. Some smaller 19th century saw makers may have bought sawnuts and medallions from the bigger factories. Warranted Superior medallions are found on secondary lines manufactured by Disston and other major saw makers with other brand names on the etch. Question is: How commonly do you avids find these(medallion connecting saw handle to saw blade). "Warran and Ted Superior were not brothers in the saw manufacturing business. I know my pics are not very good but you can see the ornate handles they had on them. bushmasta, the larger one in the top pic appears to be from 1888-early 1890's..smaller one from 1942-1953. This blade is one of my favorites because it is about 100 years old and I can attach a date to it, so yea...great find! I have a saw with the 1896-1917 medallion, They must have used different rivet patterns on different size/models as mine is different than yours.

After 1900 or so the "small guys" were actually secondary lines of the "big guys." The small companies were bought up by bigger ones and some of their products were continued for a time. Most American saws from the 20th century, regardless of brand name, were made in the works of Disston, Atkins, Bishop, or Simonds. In the case of Disston, their replacement medallions were stamped Warranted Superior rather than "Disston." I would speculate their rationale was they didn't want their name on lesser-quality saws. I'd ask him for some quanitifiable or verifiable basis for his assertion.I know next to nothing about Disston saws, but I'm betting the guys on the website you mention (which I have read) do, and I'd be somewhat more inclined to believe them.You might remember the William incident a few posts ago and if so, you know Will and I enjoy talking tools and just hanging around in parking lots crazy early in the morning, looking at stuff in the dark. Anyway, the last time we met in April I was invited to his family’s camp in Maine over the 4 for a lobster bake.Now just to clarify, “camp” can mean different things in different regions of the US.Near me we’d say shore house but in some areas a camp can be quite primitive which this was not.As someone who enjoys utilitarian designs, shore or camps maximize space very well.This one, if I remember correctly, was made around the 20’s with a few add-ons but retained that New England, clapboard feel. The trip really started with my Dieselgate buyback and replacement Alltrack.Next I put my trusty 10 year old Thule bars on and strapped on my NDK kayak.Then after a short day I hit the road, not forgetting a saw for Mr. The Alltrack made the long trip smoothly, thanks to a mid-day start.


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  3. THE HENRY DISSTON SAW COMPANY. By Bob Garay. I was fortunate enough to attend the local EAIA meeting recently at the New Jersey Tuckerton Seaport, organized by.

  4. Michael Campbell I'd ask him for some quanitifiable or verifiable basis for his assertion. I know next to nothing about Disston saws, but I'm betting the guys on the.

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