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Dating an antique bottle kona hawaii dating descrete

Bottle collecting has long been a hobby and even a passion for serious collectors.Many of the most desired bottles have historical significance and all tell a tale of years gone by.This history is fascinating and the bottles being collected are often unique works of art.Historically, people have held on to and passed down bottles of all types, often due to their looks or useful purposes.While they may not have been recognized as professional bottle collectors, the preservation of the bottles has allowed collectors of today to see a legitimate piece of history right in front of their eyes.Collectors also put a lot of physical effort into expanding their collection.

There are also avid collectors who can turn a sizeable profit on the selling or auctioning of their collection.

Bottle collecting is also an important part of the equation for professionals like archeologists and educators of history.

There are hundreds of thousands of innovative and uniquely-designed bottles produced in North America starting in the 1800’s and progressing through the 1950’s which are of interest to collectors.

Due to the enormous amount of bottle types and designs available, it is impossible to cover every single aspect of the history of bottles.

Notably, it is the most sought-after collectibles which are the focus of many collectors.


  1. Includes how to date and authenticate milk bottles, where to buy and sell milk bottles, finding the value of your milk bottle, and a satisfying hobby.

  2. Collecting old bottles and jars can be an interesting and engaging hobby. Antique bottles command a high value, and collectors can make a profit while reselling antique bottles and jars. It is important to accurately identify the age of old bottles and jars, so that you will be confident that you are in possession of a genuine.

  3. Many people have old bottles and don't know how to tell how old they are. Since bottles can be very valuable and collectible, knowing the approximate age of a bottle can help you sell them for top dollar. Bottles have sold for a few dollars to more than nearly $100,000 dollars for just one bottle on the antiques market.

  4. Feb 15, 2016. There is a lot of interest in collecting old 'dusty' bottles of whiskey. The prices of these bottles have risen tenfold in the last decade with some older bottles bringing prices in the tens of thousands of dollars.

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