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Crystal reports updating from spread sheet

About once a month, my partner in crime, Rich Seeley, has been doing technical takeovers of this blog.Here's his latest post, which looks at some resources for Visual Studio Reporting Services.If you're beginning your Visual Studio career or perhaps even if you are a veteran user, generating sales and other business reports may seem like a challenge.Reporting is important as most business apps are going to need to get data into a traditional Excel spreadsheet or some other format for business users, managers and executives.It has not been easy to find information by Googling for help with Visual Studio 2017 basic reporting. Fortunately, this month Microsoft has offered new guidance in two blogs that will help you with reporting. 25 blog written by Brad Syputa, a software engineer on Microsoft's SQL Server BI team, announced availability of "Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) support for building and deploying Reporting Services projects with SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 or Reporting Services Projects for Visual Studio 2017." "By invoking on your project or solution file, you can orchestrate and build products in environments where Visual Studio isn’t installed," Syputa writes."This is key for developers looking to automate deployment of Reporting Services projects outside of Visual Studio, which can streamline the process of moving between development and production environments.Visual Studio 2015 users can download SQL Server Data Tools here.

Visual Studio 2015 users need to look for a standalone folder called "MSBuild" under Program Files (x86).

For Visual Studio 2017, there is a "nested folder in your Visual Studio folder hierarchy." Syputa has provided screenshots in the blog to help you visualize where to find the tool in your environment.

"If you see these new folders, this means you'll now see MSBuild support as an option for Build, Clean, Compile and Deploy actions in any new report project you create," Syputa writes.

"For existing projects, you will be prompted to do a one-time upgrade the first time you open it after installing the latest updates.

The upgrade will automatically backup your project first, then proceed.


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