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Consolidating student loans with spouse

Student loans don’t have to be a till death do you part relationship.We have a unique solution for spouses seeking to refinance through our Couple Loan.With the Couple Loan, only by Purefy, both spouses refinance their student loans together into one monthly payment, one lower interest rate and a better term.

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You do still need fair – good credit to refinance with your spouse and one of you needs a credit score of 700 or higher.

Knowing your credit score is always a good call but make sure you both check before refinancing.

We pull credit from Transunion when you apply for a loan but don’t do a soft credit check for you to check your rate so you know exactly what you will save before you apply.

Select “spouse cosigner” when checking your rates for the Couple Loan.

Remember, checking your own credit doesn’t affect your score.


  1. Married couples with student loans must make a difficult decision when they file their tax which decision will save the most money?

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