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Christian mingle dating site

After cancer claims Matt Kell's life on Christmas Day 2005, his widow, Gina and two young boys are left to cope with the pain of his loss while their close church community gathers around ...

See full summary » Brian and Jenny are preparing for the big opening of their bed and breakfast, Emily's Country Inn, when a huge storm hits Bucks County.

Unaware of his intentions and fearful of getting hurt in another ... A top-notch career, killer wardrobe, dream apartment, and great friends - she thinks the only thing missing is a man.In a moment of inspired desperation, she fills out a profile on the dating website Christian hoping to find Mr. However, Gwyneth's Christianity is a little rusty and her attempts at impressing her dream guy end in disaster when he calls her out on her "faux faith." In an honest realization, she sees her superficial life for what it really is, and is driven to create a personal relationship with God.The church, to which they go with his family, is a Catholic Church, easily shown by the crucifix above the alter.Most other Christian denominations only display the cross, and he refers to being "born again".The Stations of the Cross is another clear give away. I loved the angle of a non-Christian pretending to be an evangelical to catch a Christian guy. It gently skewers a few foibles of the Christian culture while still being respectful and pro-Christian.Lacey Chabert did a charming job and was quite funny in places.The guy was pretty much a non- entity, unfortunately.This movie has gotten a lot of flack from both Christians and non-Christians.Either Christians not able to laugh at themselves, and non-Christians taking it way too seriously. Either look your age and get criticized for looking old or have a lot of work done and look frozen and artificial.This is not some kind of manifesto for Christianity that needs to be attacked so virulently. I admire actresses who choose the former (if they can get work!It's just a cute rom-com with using a rather unusual take on a fish out of water story.


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