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I just finished watching season 1, episode 1 of the series “Chelsea Does” titled “Chelsea Does Marriage.” Okay, there are a few ways in which we are not so similar. But here is how we are so similar: First, we share the same first name (and it’s spelled correctly). Third, she’s not a fan of “fatties.” Since I’m stuck in bed, I’m the opposite of skinny, and I am severely limited on physical activity. I can’t because I have all of these crazy diseases (but just for the record, Chelsea, in my 20s and early 30s, I could have kept up swimmingly).

I think how my friends treated their special day was about the same level as I would want mine.Chelsea and I have done a lot of dating and have had a lot of sex.In fact, I felt a little sorry for her because by my calculations of when the show was being taped, I was actually getting more ass than she was.That just goes to show that men have no standards – I mean, c’mon, I’m a bald woman who is confined to bed for about 22 of every 24 hours, and guys still wanna slip me the mickey.But we’re kind of getting to the point in our lives (and Jesus H., don’t say it’s because we’ve hit 40) that we want to see how different our lives would be if we actually had someone in our corner.And we also want to be the type of people to say, “Yes, I love ______ deeply and he is my best friend.” We need strong men who aren’t going to act all butt hurt about everything that makes us We don’t want to be life coaches.We want men to be comfortable in their own skin and to look around and say, “Oh, I’m going to take care of this” instead of us having to beg, plead and bully someone to put on his big boy pants and do it, and do it right the first time. He is very masculine and he loves his wife deeply, and he doesn’t let anyone cross the line or share that space he saves for his wife.I think that when spouses are that loving, we see a certain relaxation in their faces.I’m not saying that I imagine their lives are perfect or they have no struggles.I’m saying that they know that if shit goes down, they have this life partner who is going to go through the shit with them instead of making a run for the life boats.Ultimately, we want someone to have that same look with us, and we want to see it on our own faces for a change.


  1. She also signed a three-book deal with the imprint, the first of which is called Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me. Handler began dating Ted Harbert.

  2. Chelsea Handler always joked about her ex boyfriends on. him back and wasn’t happy that Handler was dating. 20 years older than Handler.

  3. The 40-year-old said she had grown disenchanted with the dating scene. Chelsea Handler says she's quit dating in the last year after having no luck with men.

  4. Find out who Chelsea Handler’s boyfriend in. Who Is Chelsea Handler Dating. think Encino Man is a classic, and prefer the old Mummy over Tom Cruise’s.

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  6. Chelsea Handler ‏ Verified account. Imagine being molested by an older man. Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup.

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