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Prepping for the move that’s to take place in only a handful of weeks, I’ve found myself rushing to get things to make my house a home. I own very little so some additions are welcome (I literally just need to pop everything in the back of my truck and I’m good to go). Buying things online can be an endless hole, but it can also be a wonderful time saver.

I’d rather rely on a few resources (two actually) to find what I need online because the price is typically better, the selection broader in scope and much more unique, and the time issue.

The sources: It’s an awesome site geared toward men.

This is an ideas site that actually gives you a great price at the same time. They’re the best jeans around, cheap, and they last forever. All of the books in the reading lists will have links where you can pick them up from Amazon.

You can flip through their selections (make sure you sign up to their newsletter, you get an email whenever they have a new sale) and find stuff you want. Back to the search for stuffs for the house…In my search to add a few things I figured some of you may also want to pick up a couple things for you abode or your library.

When you look back at the founding of America, however, from Washington to Jefferson, you see great respect and admiration for this Roman who fought against the tyranny of a single ruler, even though he was eventually defeated.Cato was a Stoic, among the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus, three men I respect very much.Though I’m only a quarter of the way through the book, it’s proving to be interesting, and the parallels between Rome and America are incredible.Politicians who wanted to become rulers, even back in Roman times, bought followings with the promise of citizenship (to the Italians) and gifts, or subsidies.We’re seeing what is virtually the same thing today.It’s incredible how history repeats itself, and how men like Cato are necessary for liberty to exist at all amongst a growing populace that unknowingly wants tyranny. Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield There is the professional and there is the amateur.Right now you’re likely an amateur without even knowing it.I was for a long, long time, and am still in the process of “turning” into something better.This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I will read it again over and over again. And his fiction is obviously a treat to read as well. Tecumseh and Brock by James Laxer As you may have garnered from the first book, I know a amount about American history.While you’re buying Turning Pro, buy of Pressfield’s non-fiction stuff. Not a lot by any means, but I’ve studied Theodore Roosevelt and Robert E.Lee and many other great men – Jefferson and Franklin are next on the list – but I know very little about my own country, Canada, simply because its story isn’t as well told.


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