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Twenty-nine-year-old Ryotaro is underemployed, has no friends, hyperventilates and is awkward.

He also believes that no one will or should be there for you, so you'd better learn how to take care of yourself.As such, the children have been subject to vigorous physical training; know how to deal with minor bumps, bruises, cuts, sprains, and even fractures; and know how to hunt, forage, and grow their own food.The children are also non-registered home schooled, meaning that they have no official academic records.Ben and Leslie have tried to make the children critical thinkers, however, within the context of their ideals.Beyond these issues, Ben and Leslie made the decision to live this lifestyle for Leslie's health. When Kielyr is about to shoot the sheep with her bow and arrow, she has the arrow on the inside of the bow, so that the arrow is between her and the bow.It should be on the outside of the bow, so that the bow is between her and the arrow. There seems to be no end to the theories on how to be an effective parent and raise kids who are productive, well-adjusted and successful.Writer/director Matt Ross offers up a creative, entertaining and thought-provoking story of one family's unconventional approach in a world that seems to expect and accept only the conventional.We are first introduced to Ben (Viggo Mortensen) and his six kids as they are stalking a deer while deep in the Pacific Northwest forest only this isn't your buddy's weekend deer hunting trip.Each family member is covered head-to-toe in mud and other means of camouflage, and the oldest son Bodevan (George Mac Kay) takes the lead with his knife in what is presented as a rite of passage into manhood.The family carries out a daily ritual that includes extreme physical conditioning, lessons on survival and living off the land, and advanced education that includes reading such diverse material as Dostoevsky and Lolita.Each evening is capped off with an impromptu musical jam.


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