Aspd dating

Women with antisocial personality disorder have symptoms of violence, lying, inappropriate behaviour and are constantly in trouble with the law.

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures, so you’re going to have to utilize some special tactics in order to regulate your relationship to your FOYINE sociopath: Set up surveillance cameras in your crib and routinely drop bills on the floor in plain sight of the cameras. Inform the detective privately that she was with you during the time that the crime was committed, but make a deal where she overhears you telling him “WHAT??? Deliberately bring her around tough homegirls of yours that you know like to fight. This should either get her used to watching what she says or get her tired of getting her ass beat. Your job is to let her know that you like, care about and love her without letting her walk all over you because she’s used to being treated poorly.

Let her consistently steal the money and lie to you about it. Tell them to take anything she says to them as an affront and scream “WHAT??? Do stuff for her because you feel like it and not in order to get something in return.

Ask her again if she stole the money and when she lies to you, play an edited videotape of her in different clothes on different days picking up money off your floor. Let her know you did it because you feel like she deserves it.

Embarrassment Factor should be high enough to make her assume you’re always taping her and curb her stealing from you. When she does the right thing, make sure she knows that you noticed and appreciated it. You’re just making it so you can tolerate the downtime between tappin’ that.

In fact, you *might* want to hook it up so she gets arrested for no reason, just so you can perform that skit with the detective and hopefully preempt her criminal behavior. Make them really simple things so she violates often and you get to discipline her on a regular basis. Make sure she’s aware that if she runs her mouth and starts the beef, she’s gonna be the one hannlin’ the biznezz by herself. Since she’s such a JERK, she’s probably had guys use and abuse her for years already. If this backfires, and she DOES end up hooking up with several guys that evening, make sure she gets paid for it and brings you the money.


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